When a new baby arrives

"A new baby in the family of ..."

Here's a special story when baby arrives in the family, to reassure and reinforce the well-being of a child when a little brother or sister arrives.

When baby arrives in the house, there is more animation and agitation around the new baby.

Friends and neighbors want to see the new baby and we notice that everyone looks affectionate, very happy and ... very busy. Does your child have this kind of worry when a new baby arrives in the family ...

"It's great, a new baby ... but I wonder how it's going to be to become a big sister or big brother ???"

"We care a lot about the newborn and a little less about me?" When I was a baby, everyone was very careful about me, so if I became a little baby again ... "

Here is the perfect solution

Offer the personalized book "A new baby in the family of ..." which tells a beautiful story filled with examples and carefully illustrated to help the one who must live the stage of the arrival of a little brother or of a little sister.

The cover is rigid and cleanable.  A sticker is provided to add a photo of the baby on one of the pages.

The book measures 6.5 x 8.5 in (16.5 x 29 cm) and contains 36 pages, 19 of wich are text and the rest in color.

Personalized baby book: 30.95$CAN + frais postaux

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